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Santa's Land Theme Park
Julie Lyons
We had huge plans for the website, and knew it couldn't all be done at once, but while creating the website, MDKS was very excited about doing our animation. No other company that I had talked to was even interested in doing animation. They were not capable of doing it, and only talked about how expensive it was. MDKS was very reasonable on the prices, especially for how picky we were!!! The animation is what makes our site. We are an amusement park, and the amusement of our website shows people, on a small scale, what they are in for when they come to visit. We had so many ideas, and Kelly worked with us and helped us to prioritize the most important things to get done first, and continues to work with us to make our site better all the time. One of the greatest benefits of the site, is the ability to go into the site myself, and change dates and hours of operation, special events, pictures, etc. to suit our season changes! I can do this anytime and change most anything I want to. Working with MDKS has been a very easy and positive experience! Julie Lyons/Santa's Land Theme Park & Zoo (
Think So
Tommy Hampton
This is a static web...built for future upgrade capabilities to a Smart Site. This is a wanna-be site...we build these too.
Mount Shores Condo. Assoc.
Kelly Small
Georgia Wine Association
Steve Gibson
Getting better all the time... MDKS designs 2 other sites for us, and give us a visit and see why we keep coming back.
Black River Farms @ Browns Ferry
Allie Small
I am not sure what new to say about Kelly and his ability to deciver and create the most streamlined solution to a business need in every detailed aspect. Kelly is my son, and as much as I try to encourage him to even strive to higher grounds, I must say, he has a gift. He is an engineer, artist and business man all in one, and displays highest quality in each. I began managing my SMART Site before I even sent the first email...he's right...anybody can control their web. Keep it up, son! Allie Small Owner of Black River Horse Farms
Soft Glo Candles
Rick Glasco
Rick's Restaurant
Rick Whorf
The BEST casual fine dining website in the business. Being a professional chef, I do not have a lot of extra time outside of comprising recipes, but this Smart Site allows me to get in and make my changes fast, then I am right back to the kicthen. Stop by Ricks Restaurant any time you are in Dahlonega, I would love to cook for you.
Buzz Patterson
Kellie & Kelly are the best.
Consolidated Gold Mine
Brian Whitfield
Galax-Carroll-Grayson Chamber of Commerce
Kristal Jones
Our SMART site is a great tool for our Members and internal staff. Members can login and help us keep their information accurate. Information changes alot in a Chamber's office and keeping that information up-to-date requires alot of man hours, the SMART site cuts that time drastically and has turned into a tool we use on a daily bases.
Nacoochee Village
Steve Gibson
I wanted you to know how pleased I and the other merchants in Nacoochee Village are with our new website you designed. The photography and graphics are outstanding and the site is easily navigated. I especially like the ease of adding or updating information. The site is already more than I imagined it could be but I now realize we can take it as far as we wish. If you ever need a reference, you'll have a good one here! Steve Gibson Habersham Winery Nacoochee Village
CamCourt Homes, Inc.
Ricky King
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