Product Details
Indoor VESA Nema4X LPWG Hibright Touch PC Type: Infared

Brand: MDKS

Indoor VESA Nema4X LPWG Hibright Touch PC Type: Infared
#: ikpvm-lpwg

Option Selection
Display Size: 32"
CPU: KEEX 4030 2.53 Core 2 Duo
KEEX 2130 1.6Ghz Intel Atom
Memory Modules: 4GB DDR3 (KEMX 4062 Only)
Hard Drive Type: 8GB SSD Hard drive (SATA)(SLC)
16GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
32GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
160GB HDD Hard drive(SATA)
Surface Finish: Stainless Steel Polished
Solid State Heat/Cool: SSAC 1206 + 4 lbs.

IR TOUCH (Multi-Touch or Single Touch)

Available Sizes 32", 42", 46", 55", & 65" Outdoor Hibright Digital Display with or without Touch (available Multi Touch or Single Touch).

Touch accepts gloved hands, long fingernails, prosthetic limbs, just about any object with finger like density. Very user friendly, Plug-n-Play.

This unit is ideal for those wanting an all enclosed display and built in PC suitable for harsh environments. These units carry self contained Heat & Cool System controlled by 5 Zone Controller Board. Some units carry multiple systems that perform independently on demand as needed. This feature manages power consumption and assures backup protection. Standard VESA patterns fits most brackets.

Industrial PC' are integrated for low power consumption/wide temperature/high strength.
Intel Atom Processor
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Intel i5/i7 2nd Gen. Core Processors

Indoor Touch Screen Kiosk are manufactured kiosk units built for indoor applications with the strength to be placed outdoors in covered environments. See any of our Outdoor Kiosk without protective visor and solid state a/c.
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