Product Details
KMantis V Outdoor Kiosk

Brand: MDKS
Weight: 75 lbs

KMantis V Outdoor Kiosk
#: km5

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Kmantis V Indoor : Hood/Visor: No
Accessory Panel: Blind Kmantis V Outdoor: Hood/Visor: Yes
Accessory Panel: Blind : : Kmantis V Outdoor : Hood/Visor: Yes
Accessory Panel: POS Components Display Kmantis V Outdoor : Hood/Visor: Yes
Accessory Panel: Blind
Inside Kmantis V Outdoor: Hood/Visor: Yes
Accessory Panel: Blind : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Option Selection
Display Size: 19" 16:10 Wide Sunlight Bright + 11 lbs.
19.1" 5:4 Std Sunlight Bright + 10 lbs.
17.1" 5:4 Std Sunlight Bright + 5 lbs.
15.1" 4:3 Std Sunlight Bright
Hard Drive Type: 8GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)SLC
16GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
32GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
64GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
128GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
160GB HDD Hard drive(SATA)
PC / CPU: KEMX 2130 1.6Ghz Intel Atom
KEMX 4062 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo
KEMX 6000 2.5Ghz i5 2nd Gen. Core 2 Duo w/iAMT
KEMX 7000 I7 3rd Generation QuadCore IAMT*
Touch Sensor Type: Surface Capacitive AR/AG
IR Single Touch Sunlight Immunity
IR Multi Touch Sunlight Immunity (WIN only)
Memory Modules: 8GB DDR3 Win 64 Bit
4GB DDR3 KEMX 4062 + UP
Audio System: Weatherproof Speaker w/Amplifier
Thermal Mgnt. Heat/Cool: SSAC 1210 (Dual) special requirement
SSAC 1206
Base Plate: Extended with Casters(no anchoring)
Extended (no anchoring)
Standard with casters(anchored)
Operating System: Provided By Customer
Linux Compatible(by customer)
Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
Windows 7 Pro 32Bit
Powder Coat Color: Stardust Silver (TCI)

Shown below with front POS Accessory Panel and various components. The K-Mantis V is an Outdoor Kiosk with the ability to be both anchored or mobile. Available sizes are standard 15.1", 17.1", 19.1", 19.4" wide format.

All outdoor units must include the Solid State Heat/Cool device to withstand the outdoor environment. This unit contains a Heat Shield (hood/visor) and detachable front accessory panel for a variety of component assembly. Rear access is through a secure hinged door that opens downward allowing ample space to everything. Built for low maintenance, heavy abuse. Nema4x (IP65)

All sensors are optically bonded with our revolutionary "K-BOND" solution. Eliminates air gap, eliminates moisture build, eliminates heat build up, increases visibility, increases strength, increases heat transfer. If it aint "K-Bonded", it aint ready for the outdoors!

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