Product Details
KMantis II Outdoor Kiosk

Brand: MDKS
Weight: 75 lbs

KMantis II Outdoor Kiosk
#: km2

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KMantis II Indoor POS : Hood/Visor: No
Accessory Panel: POS Rugid Keyboard/Trackball Kmantis II Outdoor: Hood/Visor: Yes
Accessory Panel: POS Components Kmantis II Outdoor w/POS Side View: KMantis II POS Back View Door Open: KMantis II Outdoor with POS: Keyboard, Card Reader, Printer KMantis II Outdoor w/POS Side View: KMantis II Vinyl Profile: KMantis II Vinyl front: KMantis II Outdoor POS Close Up: Keyboard,Card Reader,Printer,Bill Acceptor,Barcode Reader POS Internal Close Up: Keyboard,Card Reader,Printer,Bill Acceptor,Barcode Reader KMantis II Outdoor Back View  Door open SSAC: KMantis SSAC on Back Door: Wheels Closeup: KMantis II Screen Close-Up: KMantis II Back View Close-Up: KMantis II Without POS: KMantis II Back View Door Closed:

Option Selection
Display Size: 19" 16:10 Wide Sunlight Bright + 11 lbs.
19.1" 5:4 Std Sunlight Bright + 10 lbs.
17.1" 5:4 Std Sunlight Bright + 5 lbs.
15.1" 4:3 Std Sunlight Bright
Hard Drive Type: 8GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)SLC
16GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
32GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
64GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
128GB SSD Hard drive(SATA)(SLC)
160GB HDD Hard drive(SATA)
PC / CPU: KEMX 2130 1.6Ghz Intel Atom
KEMX 4062 2.53 Core 2 Duo
KEMX 6000 I5 2.5Ghz 2nd Gen. DuoCore iAMT*
KEEX 7000 I7 2.9Ghz 3rd Gen. QuadCore iAMT*
Touch Sensor Type: Surface Capacitive AR/AG
IR Single Touch Sunlight Immunity
IR Multi Touch Sunlight Immunity
Memory Modules: 8 GB DDR3 Win 64Bit
4GB DDR3 KEMX 4062 + UP
Audio System: Weatherproof Speaker w/Amplifier
Thermal Mgnt. Heat/Cool: SSAC 1210 (Dual) special requirement
SSAC 1206
Base Plate: Extended with Casters (no anchoring)
Extended (no achoring)
Standard with casters (anchored)
Standard (anchored)
Operating System: Provided By Customer
Linux Compatible (by customer)
Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
Windows 7 Pro 32Bit
Powder Coat Color: Stardust Silver (TCI)


Shown below with front POS Accessory Panel and various components. The K-Mantis II is an Outdoor Kiosk with the ability to be both anchored or mobile. Available sizes are standard 15.1", 17.1", or 19.1". COMING SOON...21.5"

All outdoor units must include the Solid State Heat/Cool device to withstand the outdoor environment. This unit includes a wrap around Heatshield for thermal management enhancements and also serving secondary as a visor to protect from the overhead sun. This design is engineered with your future growth in mind. There is a detachable front accessory panel for a variety of POS component assemblies. This bracket can be replaced with ease in the field when you feel it is time to expand your POS functions. The Rear access is through a secure hinged door that opens downward allowing ample space to everything. Built for low maintenance, heavy abuse. Nema4x (IP65)

All sensors are optically bonded with our revolutionary "K-BOND" solution. Eliminates air gap, eliminates moisture build, eliminates heat build up, increases visibility, increases strength, increases heat transfer. If it aint "K-Bonded", it aint ready for the outdoors!

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