Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk & Displays- No order is too large or small! We can design and build an affordable custom Kiosk to meet the needs and budget of practically everyone!
You have options! Please inquire within and find out how we can make this equipment available to meet your project budget.
Don't go at it alone... selecting an outdoor kiosk is more of a challenge when one is not aware of or know how to recognize the finer details. The folks at MDKS want your experience to be successful. We openly extend our resources to you when looking for your outdoor kiosk.

MDKS Kiosk has leadership knowledge and experience consisting of many installations within a wide spectrum of extreme conditions. We are Entrepreneurs and Innovators in our industry.

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 Outdoor Touch Screen DisplayOutdoor Touch Screen Panel PC

Hi Bright Outdoor Digigat DisplaySolid State Heat/Cool Units

Outdoor Touch Flange MountInteractive Kiosk Viewing

MDKS Kiosk Division INTRODUCING its very own PCAP (Projected Capacitive) Touch Sensor
Multi-Layered, Bonded, 10Point Touch, NOW ALL SIZES
Schema of Projected-Capacitive Touchscreen

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT; also PCAP) technology is a variant of capacitive touch technology. All PCT touch screens are made up of a matrix of rows and columns of conductive material, layered on sheets of glass. This can be done either by etching a single conductive layer to form a grid pattern of electrodes, or by etching two separate, perpendicular layers of conductive material with parallel lines or tracks to form a grid. Voltage applied to this grid creates a uniform electrostatic field, which can be measured. When a conductive object, such as a finger, comes into contact with a PCT panel, it distorts the local electrostatic field at that point. This is measurable as a change in capacitance. If a finger bridges the gap between two of the "tracks", the charge field is further interrupted and detected by the controller. The capacitance can be changed and measured at every individual point on the grid (intersection). Therefore, this system is able to accurately track touches. Due to the top layer of a PCT being glass, it is a more robust solution than less costly resistive touch technology. Additionally, unlike traditional capacitive touch technology, it is possible for a PCT system to sense a passive stylus or gloved fingers.
There are two types of PCT: mutual capacitance and self-capacitance.

Mutual capacitance

This is common PCT approach, which makes use of the fact that most conductive objects are able to hold a charge if they are very close together. In mutual capacitive sensors, a capacitor is inherently formed by the row trace and column trace at each intersection of the grid. A 16-by-14 array, for example, would have 224 independent capacitors. A voltage is applied to the rows or columns. Bringing a finger or conductive stylus close to the surface of the sensor changes the local electrostatic field which reduces the mutual capacitance. The capacitance change at every individual point on the grid can be measured to accurately determine the touch location by measuring the voltage in the other axis. Mutual capacitance allows multi-touch operation where multiple fingers, palms or styli can be accurately tracked at the same time.
Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk equipment and software.
This is where MDKS started
Years of experience is what makes an Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk survive all the elements. Simple in concept, but technologically strong in design. We have indoor/outdoor Kiosks available, everything from small carry around units to industrial safe systems.

Photo of the Season "Winter-2010"
We know how to keep'em working...
Photo of the Season goes out to ACub, a European company specializing in Information System Software.

A great mix of their superb software with our technologically strong equipment proves a successful installation in an environment that most run from.

FITHco(MDKS) says "Think you got a harsh environment...Bring it on, we can handle it!" The closest thing to maintenance this machine sees... is the snow blower guy as he passes by in awe.

UPDATE: 01/01/2011 : still beating the odds.
UPDATE: 01/01/2012 : When the door is opened, still looks Brand New, running like a dream.
UPDATE: 01/01/2013 : When we say built to last with no maintenance, we mean it! Rock On MDKS
K-City l Outdoor Kiosk Interactive Guide
Never to get lost with one of these in your town!
We got us a newborn...

(1) 42" Touch Vertical Touch Display on one side and (1) Poster LED illuminated Door on the other with LED Illuminated Acrylic punch thru lettering. This one has a full blown HVAC system inside and dual system control. This is built to be placed in town squares and large Mall entrances. It serves as a community directory with interactive features and a static side for large posterized messages.

The topper style can be custom designed to fit your style. Protects users and the equipment during heavy down pours.

Imagine your city name and city seal on your city kiosk. Custom powder coat colors are available...inquiry within.
K City ll K-City ll Outdoor Kiosk Interactive Guide
Dual Sided, Dual System!
For those whom desire the very best! This "MADE IN THE USA" Dual Sided 46" Interactive Guide provides double the information to your area patrons. Truly sleek in elegance and design, custom colors available.

This is a Stand-Alone Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk with wireless built in, CPU processing options for various speeds, easy access for maintenance, remote access at power level, much, much, more.

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KPanel VM Horizontal Kiosk
Touch accepts gloved hands, long fingernails, prosthetic limbs, just about any object with finger like density. Very user friendly, Plug-n-Play.

This unit is ideal for those wanting an all enclosed display and built in PC suitable for harsh environments. These units carry self contained Heat & Cool System controlled by 5 Zone Controller Board. Some units carry multiple systems that perform independently on demand as needed. This feature manages power consumption and assures backup protection. Standard VESA patterns fits most brackets.

Click Here For Product Page
The K Menu Outdoor Kiosk
This unit has Anti-glare/SRF Vandal Resistant Glass, IR touch screen, conformal coated components with ambient cooled designed NEMA4X IP54 enclosure with a 60 second complete air flush, Temperature Controlled, axial heaters, and amplified weatherproof sound system. All sensors are optically bonded with our revolutionary "K-BOND" solution. Eliminates air gap, eliminates moisture build, eliminates heat build up, increases visibility, increases strength, increases heat transfer. If it aint "K-Bonded", it aint ready for the outdoors!

Stand-Alone Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk are manufactured kiosk units built soley for the purpose to successfully operate 24/7 in the harshest environments. All units are complete with Pedestal for ease-of-installation.

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K Pilar Indoor Touch Screen Kiosk
The K-Pilar is an Indoor Kiosk. Available sizes are standard 32", 42" or 55". All indoor units are liquid splash/spill resistant. Front access is through a secure hinged door that opens upward and a secondary rear multi-point locking door for power panel access and storage. Although the unit is sleek it allows for ample space to everything. Built for low maintenance, heavy abuse. The KPilar follows our standard design to meet ADA Compliance.

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holographic touch kiosk ASK Kiosk - UBIQ120
Wow...has been the response from CES 2010 Expo.
Kelly has gone and done something COOL! Manufactured holographic touch kiosk from a client’s idea to a pencil sketch...to reality at the 2010 CES Expo. The image floats in mid-air. You can interact with it by moving your hands in front of it, you never touch anything to make it work. They fake it in the movies, but now we can do it "FOR REAL"! Projected image can be Landscape 52" or Portrait 62", can be 4:3 or 16:9 ratio...this thing is awesome. It's brand new, no tellin' where I'll take this design in the future...look for it in hospitals, arenas, theaters, ... wave your hands in the air, like you just dont care..."

Click here for product page
KMantis V
The K-Mantis V is an Outdoor Kiosk with the ability to be both anchored or mobile. Available sizes are standard 15.1", 17.1", 19.1", 19.4" wide format.

The sleek design and placement was provided by our best specialist in this craft. RFID Reader causally hidden under carefully placed weather proof vinyl. 

All sensors are optically bonded with our revolutionary "K-BOND" solution. Eliminates air gap, eliminates moisture build, eliminates heat build up, increases visibility, increases strength, increases heat transfer. If it aint "K-Bonded", it aint ready for the outdoors!

Click Here For KMantis V Brochure
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K-Phlat in Universal Studios
Moving ads play beautifully across this 55-inch display, grabbing the attention of any spectators.  Display is mounted in the Portrait "vertical" position.

This unit has all the bells and whistles, Anti-glare/SRF Vandal Resistant Glass, IR touch screen, all-around heat shields, self-contained heat/cool system, 3-point compression latch-locking system, amplified weatherproof sound system, mobile base plate, so much more.

K-Phlat V Vertical Outdoor Kiosk
17" High Bright Panel Display 1280x1024
Inside Panel: AUO LED 1000Nit Inverter Add $25 1200Nit & 1500Nit available...
more details
KMantis III Outdoor Kiosk
Shown with front Blind Accessory Panel. The K-Mantis III is an Outdoor Kiosk with the ability to be ...
more detail
19" Wide High Bright Panel Display 1440x900
Inside Panel: AUO LED 1000Nit Inverter Add $25 1200Nit & 1500Nit available...
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